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Patient Safety Awareness Week is March 8-14, 2015

The annual week-long celebration encourages health care professionals to focus on improving patient safety within their organizations and to speak more openly with their consumers about health care safety. This year’s statewide theme, “Georgia Hospitals Leading the Way for Patients & Families,” emphasizes that hospitals play a central role in ensuring patients receive the safest care possible. 

GHA’s Partnership for Health & Accountability (PHA) has created a webpage where hospital staff can download and print items that can be printed. Click here to access these resources.

The Partnership for Health & Accountability

Georgia's Partnership for Health and Accountability (PHA) recognizes patient safety as its top priority and describes the elements that support a culture of safety in health care organizations. Among these are a pervasive commitment to patient safety, open communication, a blame-free environment, and the importance of safety design in preventing future errors. Acknowledging that success in creating a culture of safety requires the commitment of both organizational leadership and frontline health care workers, PHA stresses the critical role of physicians and employees in the process.

The Partnership for Health and Accountability (PHA) brings together the health care field with agencies and individuals to ensure quality and safety in healthy communities. PHA assists in strengthening collaboration between providers, community members, and other stakeholders by providing education and data-driven tools to facilitate improvement.

Quality & Patient Safety, and Community represent the two sides of the health community "fence."