Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) 1.0
Hospital Engagement Network (HEN)
What is HEN?

The Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) is a national contract awarded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) which engages hospitals across the country to improve patient safety and quality, and achieve lower costs. The goal of the HEN is to reduce unnecessary readmissions by 20% and avoidable harm by 40%. GHA’s Research and Education Foundation (GHAREF) is one of the 26 organizations in the United States to be awarded this CMS contract. Funding supports vigorous educational activities, quality improvement initiatives, and other resources to help Georgia hospitals. The potential savings from this program is upwards of $300,000,000 in Georgia for just five of the hospital acquired conditions.

Patient Safety Leaders Circle

The recognition program Patient Safety Leaders’ Circle shows the hospitals with the greatest improvement and participation in all Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC) improvement activities through the HEN Learning Collaboratives. This recognition program also includes options for hospitals to receive extra credit for their focus and achievement in all cause harm. Click here to view hospitals in the Patient Safety Leaders' Circle.

Georgia HEN Model:

A combination of face to face and distance learning techniques will be used to lead the work of four learning collaboratives (LCs): (1) Hospital Acquired Conditions/Events (HACs); (2) Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI); (3) OB Adverse Events; and (4) Reducing Readmissions. The foundation for each of these LC’s is to create a culture of change and engagement of leadership and front line staff. GHAREF will contract with national and state experts to present information on performance improvement strategies including: Culture and Engagement, Lean Six Sigma, TeamSTEPPS, and Reliable Systems Process Design.

Georgia HEN Requirements:

To participate in the Georgia HEN, hospitals are required to: Complete the Organizational Assessment Tool (OAT)

    • Attend training activities
    • Complete evaluations
    • Submit data and other activity assignments based on LC requirements
    • Implement improvement strategies to reduce HACs by 40% and Readmissions by 20%

Advantages of Participation:

By participating in the Georgia HEN, you will benefit from:

    • Access to national content experts on quality, culture of change, and engagement;
    • Comprehensive training, education and initiatives to improve quality
    • Funds for educational expenses for select participants
    • Stipends and financial incentives
    • Improved quality and patient satisfaction
    • Reduced costs of patient care
    • Tools and training to be positioned to succeed under the new federal guidelines for hospital reimbursement.

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