Quality & Patient Safety
Quality & Patient Safety
Creating a safe environment for individuals within health care settings is basic to the values of care providers and organizations.  The attention to individual well-being is inherent in the commitment to improve quality of life and the delivery of health care.  Georgia hospitals work with individuals to provide the right care at the right time every time.  Implementing processes that are reliable and safe sets the environment for quality of care. 

To promote evidence-based best practices to enhance patient safety, improve care, reduce risk and prevent errors through creating a blame-free system and neutral non-punitive forum for sharing, studying, and learning from medical variances, including near misses.


  • Create a blame-free system and neutral non-punitive forum for sharing, studying, and learning from non-fatal errors/"near misses."
  • Support hospitals in utilizing The Joint Commission sentinel event structure for other reportable events.
    To create an environment for accomplishment of Proposed Objectives 1 and 2.
  • Support the use of evidence-based medicine for the purpose of identifying and sharing clinical methods that promote improved results.

Guiding Principles 
- The work of the committee should:

  • Recognize that the physician is ultimately responsible for medical treatment decisions
  • Support the concept that physician performance should be reviewed by physician peers
  • Promote accountability to the public
  • Be proactive and voluntary
  • Involve multiple public and private stakeholders
  • Utilize a continuous improvement rather than a punitive approach
  • Provide for a climate of trust
  • Solicit resources and buy-in to support a long term commitment
  • Develop a repository that provides for confidential peer review protected information
  • Analyze trends and identify, develop, and share best practice techniques
  • Provide educational programs

Partnership for Health and Accountability (PHA):  Providers, Individuals, and Communities working together to improve the health of all Georgians.